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Concept 2


You wouldn't be able to drive along any of the Golden Mile and there would be two bus lanes in each direction on Courtenay Place and on most of Lambton Quay.

We’re proposing to consolidate bus stops to improve bus reliability and to increase space at and around bus stops, with no more than a five-minute walk to a bus stop for someone walking at an average speed.

This means buses would be able to move along the Golden Mile quicker and would be able to pass each other easily.

With fewer vehicles on the road, and turning into side streets, it would be safer for people walking and on bikes.  It would also be less crowded on the footpath - this proposal converts carparks to footpath, relocating loading zones and taxi parks to side streets, providing up to 30% more footpath space. There would also be more space for people to sit, spend time, or access businesses by repurposing the ends of closed side streets.

To see this concept come to life on the Golden Mile would cost around the same as concept one.

As with all concepts, emergency services would still be able to access the Golden Mile.

Key changes proposed in this concept

Lambton Quay

  • You wouldn't be able to drive on Lambton Quay
  • In most places, buses would have two lanes in both directions (except for lower Lambton Quay near Willis Street)
  • The bus stops at Cable Car Lane and outside Farmers would be merged and located slightly north of Cable Car Lane
  • Footpaths can be widened where parking and loading zones were removed and where side streets have been closed

Willis Street

  • The single bus lane would be retained
  • No general traffic on Willis Street between Boulcott and Lambton Quay or on Customhouse Quay, between Lambton Quay and Hunter Street
  • The bus stop near Chews Lane would be moved to closer to Bond Street

Manners Street

  • No general traffic on Manners Street
  • The single bus lane would be retained
  • The northbound bus stop near the corner of Willis Street and Manners Street would be removed
  • Bus stops on Manners Street near Cuba Street would be retained
  • General traffic access to Lower Cuba Street would be from Wakefield Street

Courtenay Place

  • No general traffic would be on Courtenay Place
  • Buses would have two lanes in both directions
  • The bus stops outside the St James Theatre and Courtenay Central would be removed
  • Footpaths can be widened where parking and loading zones were

For more detailed information take a look at our project page.

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