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Cycling and scooters

By reducing the number of cars that are pulling into, or out of, the Golden Mile from side streets and removing parking, all of the concepts will make it safer for people on bikes. Concept three could enable more shared space for people on bikes and scooters on parts of the Golden Mile. If that’s something you like about concept three, please let us know.

Courtenay Place is part of Wellington’s central city cycling network so we’ve looked at how we could create a dedicated or shared space here. There could also be opportunities to create more space for people on bikes on Lambton Quay. The wider Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme will consider how best to provide a dedicated cycling network in other parts of the central city.

Cycling, scooters etc

Other vehicle access

Access for taxis and delivery / maintenance vehicles

Where general traffic is removed from the Golden Mile we could allow certain vehicles (such as taxis, delivery and maintenance vehicles) access to the Golden Mile outside of the busiest times of day. Do you think access should be provided for these vehicles?

Do you think access should be provided for these vehicles?
If yes, what hours do you think these vehicles should have access to the Golden Mile?

Public spaces

All of the concepts propose closing some side streets along the Golden Mile. We don’t yet know how these streets might be used if they are closed, but we would like to know what type of things you do and don't like. We could use some of this space to create more places for people to walk, sit, spend time or access businesses.

We already have some great examples across our city showing us how these streets could look.

For more detailed information take a look at our project page.

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